Board-Certified GI Physicians

Annette Black

A Team of Board-Certified GI Physicians Needed Bilingual Assistants and A Medical Coder

Client Profile

Our client is a team of gastroenterologists providing the highest standard of care for patients dealing with frustrating gastroenterology problems. They foster strong relationships with their patients because they want each of them to be empowered to make the right choices about their digestive health and wellness.


  • In-office administrative staff was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of patient calls, texts, voicemails, and messages from their after-hours answering service.
  • Since the staff spent the bulk of their office time answering patient questions, scheduling appointments and follow-ups, and referring patients to appropriate doctors and locations, leaving other necessary tasks, including general paperwork, medical coding, billing, and insurance claims without the priority attention they required. 
  • They also needed bilingual assistants who had experience in the healthcare industry to answer calls and questions from their Spanish-speaking patients.


  • We put together a team of seven virtual assistants (VAs), several of whom are fully bilingual, who have significant experience in the healthcare industry to field 100% of patient calls and questions, set appointments, and refer patients to the correct doctors. 
  • We built staggered schedules for our VAs so that there is always someone available to help patients during and after regular office hours.
  • Our team includes a VA with extensive medical coding experience. 
  • Our account manager and account coordinator are also bilingual.


  • TeamFicient’s VAs respond to and handle all patient calls, messages, and inquiries—no voicemail or text goes unanswered or is left for the next day. Our excellent customer service ensures that all patient messages and calls are taken care of promptly.
  • Spanish-speaking patients no longer face a language barrier when communicating with our client.
  • Our staggered VA schedules eliminated the need for the after-hours answering service. 
  • All medical coding and billing is processed by TF’s team, so the in-office admin staff now devote their attention to the high-priority tasks that were previously pushed aside.
  • 100% of insurance claims are now filed on time since the in-office staff has been able to streamline their administrative and clinical processes with our VAs backing them up.
  • The in-office staff’s workload has become manageable enough that they can now take some well-deserved vacation days.
  • (One of our client’s doctors says our medical coder is the best staff member they have!)