A Large Statewide Driving School

A Large Statewide Driving School Required Staff to Coordinate a Major Database Software Update and Interoffice Communications

Client Profile
Our client provides comprehensive driver education programs, including special services for families that can’t be found anywhere else in their state. They also offer courses such as Spanish Language Driver Education, Certified Defensive Driver, Corporate Driver Improvement, and more. 


  • The company was undergoing major changes: hiring new staff, training existing staff on a new scheduling platform, and updating their website and client database, which meant having to use both the old and the databases simultaneously.
  • While they had two bilingual admins on staff to take care of their Spanish-speaking clients, they were still having trouble managing the sheer volume of calls from their state’s large Spanish-speaking community.
  • Callers experienced long wait times, leading to customer irritation and missed calls for the client.
  • Each of their eight locations set its own pricing and fuel fees, which the website did not accurately reflect.
  • Callers became frustrated that the prices they had seen on the website were not the actual pricing.
  • Their customer service representatives were confused about the different prices at different locations due to a lack of communication across all offices, and would quote incorrect prices to callers.
  • Complaints were overtaking sales calls at an accelerated rate.


  • TF put in place a team of fully bilingual VAs who have strong backgrounds in driving-school customer service.
  • Thanks to TeamFicient’s partnership with DanubeNet (the client’s driving-school software), all of our driving-school VAs were already very familiar with the platform and were able to hit the ground running, integrating working with both the old and the new databases with ease, and assisting the migration of old data into the new program.
  • Our VA team was ready to field any type of call: inquiries, scheduling, complaints, and sales, as they have extensive experience selling driving-school packages. 
  • Our VAs were in touch with all eight branches to verify each branch’s information, especially their individual pricing and fuel fees. They clarified this information for callers, for the website, and for the current staff.
  • When the client requested bilingual VAs with a dialect more in line with their state’s Spanish-speaking population, TeamFicient was able to place new VAs who had all of the same skills and backgrounds as the previous team members, but with a more familiar accent.


  • Vastly improved sales numbers due to our VA’s exemplary customer service skills and sales know-how 
  • Communication within the company is much clearer, as TeamFicient staffers are in constant contact with all branches, making sure that all of their information is up to date everywhere it appears or is needed.
  • Correct information for customers, who were now receiving the right pricing information both on the phone and on the website, led to improved customer satisfaction.
  • The number of complaint calls dropped significantly.
  • Callers were happy with both the service and the information they received on the phone.