Client Case Studies


Case Studies

Client Profile
Our client provides comprehensive driver education programs, including special services for families, that can’t be found anywhere else in their state. They also offer courses such as Spanish-Language Driver Education, Certified Defensive Driver, Corporate Driver Improvement, and more. 



• The company was undergoing major changes: hiring new staff, training existing staff on a new scheduling platform, and updating their website and client database, which meant having to use both the old and new databases simultaneously.

• While they had two bilingual admins on staff to take care of their Spanish-speaking clients, they were still having trouble managing the sheer volume of calls from their state’s large Spanish-speaking community.

• Callers experienced long wait times, leading to customer irritation and missed calls for the client.

• Each of their eight locations set its own pricing and fuel fees, which the website did not accurately reflect.

• Callers became frustrated that the prices they had seen on the website were not the actual pricing.

• Their customer service representatives were confused about the different prices at different locations due to a lack of communication across all offices, and would quote incorrect prices to callers.

• Complaints were overtaking sales calls at an accelerated rate.



• TF put in place a team of fully bilingual VAs who have strong backgrounds in driving-school customer service.

• Thanks to TeamFicient’s partnership with DanubeNet (the client’s driving-school software), all of our driving-school VAs were already very familiar with the platform and were able to hit the ground running, integrating working with both the old and the new databases with ease, and assisting the migration of old data into the new program.

• Our VA team was ready to field any type of call: inquiries, scheduling, complaints, and sales, as they have extensive experience selling driving-school packages. 

• Our VAs were in touch with all eight branches to verify each branch’s information, especially their individual pricing and fuel fees. They clarified this information for callers, for the website, and for the current staff.

• When the client requested bilingual VAs with a dialect more in line with their state’s Spanish-speaking population, TeamFicient was able to place new VAs who had all of the same skills and backgrounds as the previous team members, but with a more familiar accent.



• Vastly improved sales numbers due to our VA’s exemplary customer service skills and sales know-how.

• Communication within the company is much clearer, as TeamFicient staffers are in constant contact with all branches, making sure that all of their information is up to date everywhere it appears or is needed.

• Correct information for customers, who were now receiving the right pricing information both on the phone and on the website, led to improved customer satisfaction.

• The number of complaint calls dropped significantly.

• Callers were happy with both the service and the information they received on the phone.

Client Profile

Our client is an Electronic-Health-Record software developer focused on solving healthcare problems by combining Machine Learning, AI, Robotic Process Automation, Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and their patent-pending human-in-the-loop system that enables technology to be used where it has the maximum impact on the overall workflow and business. Some key areas include automating document management flow, patient-health-record management, end-to-end dictation, and scalable, cloud-native architecture for enabling best-of-breed infrastructure and services. 



• As a brand-new company that has created business-to-business EHR software, the client was looking for professional assistants who could help them archive beta reports, manage follow-up on beta-test results and software requirements, and work with Front email management software.

• The in-office staff was charged with generating leads, lead mining, and following up on leads, which took them away from the core project.

• Their clients need live tech support to be available during the workday as well as after hours while they beta-test the EHR. The in-office admin staff was spending a significant amount of time providing tech support, which put their office work on the back burner.



• We put together a team of VAs who have significant experience in both customer service and troubleshooting basic IT issues.

• Our VAs do all of the importing work for new clients.

• We took on both the Level tech support and the lead mining/generation/follow-up tasks, as well as several administrative tasks. 

• We staggered our VAs’ schedules so that they would be available to provide tech support after standard work hours.



• Our client’s office processes have become streamlined, as our VAs manage all archiving, linking, and classifying emails. This opened up the in-office staff’s working hours, allowing them to return their attention to their necessary in-office work.

• The software developers, who were flooded with tech support calls, can now dedicate their time to advanced project-oriented work.

• Our client and their clients are both happy with the level of tech support TeamFicient assistants provide.

• With the assistance and support of our VAs, our client is a fast-growing B2B company in the healthcare industry.

Client Profile

Our client supports community wellness through a range of health programs and services, helping residents of all ages, income levels, and cultures live as healthily as possible. Through their proactive, preventive programs and services, they strive to help people stay healthy and well. 



• Due to the span and reach of the community they serve, the sheer volume of patient phone calls cut into and often entirely overwhelmed the in-office staff’s workday. 

• Phone calls regarding health insurance took a significant amount of time to complete.

• They serve a large Hispanic population, but were lacking a sufficient number of bilingual assistants to do so with proper attention and care taken for each patient.

• Many of their phone calls concern the patient’s mental health. Specific training is required to identify and act upon emergent mental-health crises. 

• The daily workflow became overwhelming—so much so that their other important administrative projects fell behind schedule or went unfinished.



• We initially built a team of four fully bilingual virtual assistants to take on all of the incoming calls, set and reschedule appointments, follow up with patients, and refer patients to appropriate doctors or departments. 

• Our VAs were trained by the client’s operations manager to handle mental-health phone calls. The team spent a significant amount of time shadowing the in-office staff as they dealt with mental-health phone calls in order to fully absorb the process. Our VAs began taking these calls once the operations manager was satisfied that they were equally as capable as the in-office staff.

• Our team was taught how to triage medical-health and mental-health phone calls, identify which department or service to send each call to, and direct patients to the appropriate channels. 



• By fielding all patient phone calls and handling significant administrative paperwork, our VAs opened up the in-office staff’s daily schedules so that they could attend to their other daily tasks, as well as devote more time to the projects that required larger time commitments.

• Our team also generated two weekly reports: a breakdown of the number of calls and call drivers, and a TeamFicient productivity map, which led to our client’s new awareness of call-driver percentages, which helped them restructure departments and resources to better serve their community.

• Our client began to include our VAs and our team’s coordinator in their weekly staff meetings. 

• With all calls being handled promptly and appropriately, patient satisfaction greatly improved, especially among the Hispanic patients, who no longer encountered a language barrier to their health care.

• The client is so pleased with TeamFicient that they have added another VA to their team for a total of five assistants, and have referred us to several other practices which have since become TeamFicient clients!

Client Profile

Our client is a team of gastroenterologists providing the highest standard of care for patients dealing with frustrating gastroenterology problems. They foster strong relationships with their patients because they want each of them to be empowered to make the right choices about their digestive health and wellness.



• In-office administrative staff was overwhelmed by the volume of patient calls, texts, voicemails, and messages from their after-hours answering service.

• The staff spent the bulk of their office time answering patient questions, scheduling appointments and follow-ups, and referring patients to appropriate doctors and locations, leaving other necessary tasks, including general paperwork, medical coding, billing, and insurance claims without the priority attention they required. 

• They also needed bilingual assistants who had experience in the healthcare industry to answer calls and questions from their Spanish-speaking patients.



• We put together a team of seven VAs, several of whom are fully bilingual, who have significant experience in the healthcare industry to field 100% of patient calls and questions, set appointments, and refer patients to the correct doctors. 

• We built staggered schedules for our VAs so that there would always be someone available to help patients during and after regular office hours.

• Our team includes a VA with extensive medical coding experience. 

• Our account manager and account coordinator are also bilingual.



• TeamFicient’s VAs respond to and handle all patient calls, messages, and inquiries—no voicemail or text goes unanswered or is left for the next day. Our excellent customer service ensures that all patient messages and calls are taken care of promptly.

• Spanish-speaking patients no longer face a language barrier when communicating with our client.

• Our staggered VA schedules eliminated the need for the after-hours answering service. 

• All medical coding and billing is processed by TF’s team, so the in-office admin staff now devote their attention to the high-priority tasks that were previously pushed aside.

• 100% of insurance claims are now filed on time since the in-office staff has been able to streamline their administrative and clinical processes with our VAs backing them up.

• The in-office staff’s workload has become manageable enough that they can now take some well-deserved vacation days.

• (One of our client’s doctors says our medical coder is the best staff member they have!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Create a job description that includes all of the duties and responsibilities you expect them to take on, so as to avoid any confusion about the requirements of the job.

• Share your company’s policies and procedures with them.

• Prepare a set of guidelines and instructions to help them understand how your company operates.

It typically takes two weeks for a newly placed VA to get used to a new workflow. Allowing time for a VA to adjust is vital to achieving maximum results, so it is best to keep the workload moderate at first, and focus on quality rather than quantity.

 • Set yourself up for success by having open lines of contact with your VA—communication is key!

• Encourage them with positive feedback. Kindness and gratitude help to build confidence, create a positive work environment, and keep your VA engaged.

•  Share any work strategies or other insights to help them become your ideal assistant.

•  Daily check-in calls can eliminate confusion regarding daily tasks and resolve any outstanding questions.

We allow a maximum of five (5) consecutive work days and a minimum of two (2) days off after each set of work days. If you need to make adjustments to your VA’s schedule, please contact your account manager at least two weeks in advance of your desired changes.

Your virtual assistant will have the following holidays built into their schedule:

  • New Year’s Eve & Day (Dec 31st & Jan 1st)

  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

  • Independence Day (July 4th)

  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Eve & Day (Dec 24th & Dec 25th)

Clients are responsible for the VA’s pay on the above holidays, but not for any other holidays, vacation days, or other benefits (such as insurance).

If your office will be closed on any other days, please let your account manager know.

Our clients often gift their VAs with complimentary lunches, annual bonuses, and birthday or holiday gifts. You can discuss these options with your US-based account manager and they will take care of it for you.

With TeamFicient, you hire a virtual assistant, but you get a team. From your VA to your US-based account manager, from your coordinator to IT support, everyone is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

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