A B2B Electronic-Health-Record Developer

A B2B Electronic-Health-Record Developer Required a “Front” Line of Level-1 IT Support

Client Profile

Our client is an Electronic-Health-Record software developer focused on solving healthcare problems by combining Machine Learning, AI, Robotic Process Automation, Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and their patent-pending human-in-the-loop system that enables technology to be used where it has the maximum impact on the overall workflow and business. Some key areas include automating document management flow, patient-health-record management, end-to-end dictation, to note workflow, and scalable cloud-native architecture for enabling best-of-breed infrastructure and services. 


  • As a brand-new company that has created business-to-business medical EHR software, the client was looking for professional assistants who could help them archive beta reports, manage follow-up on beta-test results and software requirements, and work with Front email management software.
  • The in-office staff was spending significant time generating leads, lead mining, and following up on leads, which took them away from the core project.
  • Their clients need live tech support to be available during the workday as well as after hours while they beta-test the EHR. The in-office admin staff was spending a significant amount of time providing tech support, which put their office work on the back burner.


  • We put together a team of VAs who have significant experience in both customer service and troubleshooting basic IT issues.
  • Our VAs do all of the importing work for new clients.
  • We took on both the level-1 tech support and the lead mining/generation/follow-up tasks, as well as several administrative tasks. 
  • We staggered our VAs’ schedules so that they would be available to provide tech support after standard work hours.


  • Our client’s office processes have become streamlined, as our VAs manage all archiving, linking, and classifying emails. This opened up the in-office staff’s working hours, allowing them to return their attention to their necessary in-office work.
  • The software developers, who were flooded with tech support calls, can now dedicate their time to advanced project-oriented work.
  • Our clients and their clients are both happy with the level of tech support TeamFicient assistants provide.
  • With the assistance and support of our VAs, our client is a fast-growing B2B company in the healthcare industry.