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TeamFicient professionals have the necessary skills and experience to communicate, schedule, manage, and serve your business effectively!

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    Book a consultation to discuss your current staffing needs, expectations, and goals. Spare no detail!

  • Meet your success manager

    You will work directly with a US-based manager who takes care of your VA’s training, as well as any future requirements you may have.

  • No long-term contracts

    You pay for our services month by month–-no long-term commitment is required. Simply bring TeamFicient in and let us handle the rest.

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How we help

Love your business, but feel like your admin, support, and manual tasks are holding it back? Here are some common roles our professionals perform.

TeamFicient supports a wide variety of businesses by providing well-trained, managed teams of dedicated, professional, skilled remote workers.

Admin support

Admin support

Our VAs stay on top of your day-to-day administrative office tasks so that you can spend your time on the bigger picture.

Customer support

TeamFicient’s staff will become your virtual help desk. Calls, appointments, special requests–we’ll take care of all of it.


Our staff has experience in a wide range of financial-management software and will tailor their skills to suit your needs.

Technical support

TeamFicient’s VAs are business-tech savvy and can update your website and social media apps as well as provide IT support.


No matter the industry, we've got you covered.

Admin and sales

Your virtual assistant will manage calls, paperwork, and office procedures efficiently and properly, all according to your specifications.

Driving schools

Our VAs are driving-school experts. Well-trained in proven sales and management techniques, we provide remote services to driving schools across the United States and beyond.

Healthcare practice

Our healthcare VAs are trained in patient scheduling, documentation, EHR support, prescription coordination, insurance mitigation, and more.


Meet our remote professionals

Each of our agents has years of experience in their field. Whether your business requires English-speaking or fluent English/Spanish-speaking assistants, they are ready to respond to all inquiries and sales calls, reach out to potential and existing leads, process payments, manage calendars (scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, etc.), and ensure that all procedures are handled seamlessly and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service that covers all of our clients’ needs with well-trained, highly capable, and above all effective team workers.

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Healthcare Facility Customer Support

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Scale your business

No matter the industry, we’ve got you covered. Scale your business with our highly trained, ready-to-work professionals.


Who we are

TeamFicient is a woman- and minority-owned company dedicated to providing comprehensive remote-office solutions to businesses looking to save time and maximize potential. Our virtual assistants will adjust to your workflow and specifications so that you can focus on scaling your business and boosting your results while leaving the rest to us.

Award-winning, serial-entrepreneur Mayra Khan has over 15 years of experience leading three small businesses to become three big successes. When she saw the need for better customer service and sales representatives in her own career, she took it upon herself to create another business—TeamFicient—to position virtual assistants as a modern, streamlined solution to her companies’ administrative needs. Now, she wants to turn her success story into yours.

Among her many accolades for leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, Mayra was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Women’s Business Development Center and the Chicago Business Journal’s Women of Influence award. She was also chosen as an Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women magazine.  


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The team is doing a great job for us, and our patients are really happy with their interactions. We can’t speak highly enough of this company.

Renee Campbell Director of a community health center


    What our clients are saying


    Let us know how we can help

    Working with TeamFicient lets you focus on the big picture by moving the tasks that cut into your time and productivity off of your desk and on to ours. Paperwork, phone calls, calendar management–whatever you want out of your way, your virtual assistant will take care of it for you. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Create a job description that includes all of the duties and responsibilities you expect them to take on, so as to avoid any confusion about the requirements of the job.

    • Share your company’s policies and procedures with them.

    • Prepare a set of guidelines and instructions to help them understand how your company operates.

    It typically takes two weeks for a newly placed VA to get used to a new workflow. Allowing time for a VA to adjust is vital to achieving maximum results, so it is best to keep the workload moderate at first, and focus on quality rather than quantity.

     • Set yourself up for success by having open lines of contact with your VA—communication is key!

    • Encourage them with positive feedback. Kindness and gratitude help to build confidence, create a positive work environment, and keep your VA engaged.

    •  Share any work strategies or other insights to help them become your ideal assistant.

    •  Daily check-in calls can eliminate confusion regarding daily tasks and resolve any outstanding questions.

    We allow a maximum of five (5) consecutive work days and a minimum of two (2) days off after each set of work days. If you need to make adjustments to your VA’s schedule, please contact your account manager at least two weeks in advance of your desired changes.

    Your virtual assistant will have the following holidays built into their schedule:

      • New Year’s Eve & Day (Dec 31st & Jan 1st)

      • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

      • Independence Day (July 4th)

      • Labor Day (first Monday in September)

      • Thanksgiving Day

      • Christmas Eve & Day (Dec 24th & Dec 25th)

    Clients are responsible for the VA’s pay on the above holidays, but not for any other holidays, vacation days, or other benefits (such as insurance).

    If your office will be closed on any other days, please let your account manager know.

    Our clients often gift their VAs with complimentary lunches, annual bonuses, and birthday or holiday gifts. You can discuss these options with your US-based account manager and they will take care of it for you.

    With TeamFicient, you hire a virtual assistant, but you get a team. From your VA to your US-based account manager, from your coordinator to IT support, everyone is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

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    Based on our initial consultation regarding your business’s requirements and demands, our US-based client success manager will match you with a best-fit virtual assistant. You, your VA, and your VA’s manager will work together to ensure that our partnership is successful and that you receive top-quality support.

    Scale up your business with our highly trained, ready-to-work virtual assistants.

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